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I’m Abby.


Thank you for stopping by.  I am an artist and maker living and working in the English countryside.  I studied Mixed Media Fine Art at The University of the Creative Arts and later completed an MA in Mixed Media Textiles at Chelsea College of Art where I met my darling husband.  I regularly teach creative workshops and have been making, creating and teaching for over 20 years. 


My current work was born out of a re-evaluation of how we live our lives, how we heal and how we grow. Embracing a simpler way of life, engaging with and supporting nature.


After a long period of life-changing events, I have re-examined everything that I have learned, everything that I have experienced and everything that I have ever made and my practice has been redirected, re-imagined and relaunched.


My creativity brought light into my darkness, hope into the bleakest of days and energy back into my soul. I feel so lucky to have been supported and encouraged from a young age to follow a creative path. In the work that I make, I am always drawn back to where I started with texture, repair, renewal and have now returned to where my creative journey began. A bit older – certainly; a bit wiser – maybe; but with a strong focus on what is truly important to how I want to live my life.


Handmade in my studio employing traditional skills and processes. Designed specifically to support a simpler slower way of life, to engage with nature and the living world: to forage, to gather, to create.


I am now very excited to share my new collection of products with you. My shop is now open with more makes being adding all the time. xo