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How my journey as an artist began.

At the age of 3, I began ballet lessons, and my life until 18 revolved around dance. Studying classical ballet at The Royal Academy and contemporary dance at GCSE and A-Level I was barely out of a leotard. At 18 injuries prevented me from taking my dance career any further and pursuing my dreams of going to dance college and becoming a choreographer so  I had to find another path. 

It was whilst working in a gym as an aerobics instructor that I went to an open evening at a local art college. With my first wages in my pocket I signed up for an evening class in portfolio preparation and the journey began. I had studied art at A-Level, and although I loved it dance had always been at the forefront. 

The next few years were some of the happiest of my life, after a year on an art & design foundation course I went on to study Mixed Media Fine Art at The University of the Creative Arts. I feel incredibly lucky to have had such an inspiring and supportive Mum, who gave so much to help me follow my dreams and I am so glad she took time to follow hers and joined me at art college for a year part-time to study for a Diploma. I spent the following 7 years in various art studios making work and began my teaching career after studying for a Post Graduate Degree in Art & Design Education.


In 2008, hungry for more I did an MA in Mixed Media Textiles at Chelsea College of Art where I met my darling husband.  Our lives over the last 10 years have been testing, illness, becoming carers, loss and grief all took their toll. Our lives slowed down, our mental health needed care and we had to find new ways of living. Living simply, slowly, sustainably, and creatively has now become the way of life we have chosen and we have now started a new chapter of that life on the East Coast of England, surrounded by nature and the things that are most important to us. 

We never know what might meet us around the corner of life, but by living our lives being true to who we are, listening to our inner whisper, and listening again a little bit harder we will find our light. I hope I can help you find and follow yours.