Creative Pep Talk

Sow Your Seeds Creative Pep Talk


Together, we will:


Look at what weeds are growing and blocking the light – diagnosing your creative blockers

Sweep aside the fallen leaves, allowing their energy to be passed into your roots – uncovering and getting rid of the stories you’ve been told about creativity – ‘I’m not creative,’ ‘you can’t draw,’ ‘creativity isn’t for people like me’

Look at what’s wilting and tend to it little by little to allow it to grow and bloom - decipher what you want to focus on and how you can nurture it day to day

Put down the stepping-stones – develop a plan to keep your creative practice going as part of your life, one step at a time


What this looks like:


One-hour call with me over Skype

A synopsis of our discussion, with advice and actions to help you put our session into practice

An investment of £150 – with an early bird rate of £125 for the first four people who book


Upon booking you will recieve an email so that we can find a time to suit you.


Calls are available:

Mon - Thurs

between 10am - 2pm & 6pm - 8pm 


Creative Pep Talk

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