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  • Handbound Wildflower Journal


    There are so many benefits to keeping a journal or notebook, writing down our thoughts or putting together visual ephemera. It’s said that even 10 minutes of writing a day can be beneficial. Organising information meaningfully encourages positive thoughts. Putting feelings into words changes the way your brain deals with information. There is also such a sense of achievement when you have filled a little book, I prefer these smaller journals as they are achievable, I can fill them fairly quickly with things gathered an observed from a season, adding pressed flowers, affirmations that have been helpful or kind words that people have said. They are especially nice to look back on when you’re having a tough time or feeling overwhelmed.


    Each book is made from recycled cartridge paper and deckle-edged Indian rag paper

    created in my studio with handsewn bookbinding with affirmation print sewn on my vintage sewing machine. Use as a journal, sketchbook or scrapbook to display pressed flowers, illustrations or print out some of your favourite photos of the seasons to look back on.


    Choose from four different designs


    1. 'a life without dreams is like a garden without flowers'

    2. 'like wildflowers you will grow in all the place you never expected'

    3. 'when it rains look for rainbows when it's dark look for stars'

    4. 'in the waves of change we find our direction'


    Each notebook has 12 leaves and is A5 in size. Comes in a recycled glassine envelope with branded belly band.