Botanical Letter Writing Set

We all know how special it is to receive a handwritten letter in the mail. There is something personal about the time and consideration that has gone into creating it. It is personal and considered and means more than any email or text ever will. It has a scent. It requires untangling. But, most important, it’s imperfect.


I hope that these Letter Writing sets encourage you into writing and sending some happy mail. There are so many benefits of putting pen to paper; handwriting stimulates creativity and encourages you to explore language, it promotes mindfulness and relieves anxiety, it asks you to slow down and take care in the process. The rhythmic movement of pen on paper also encourages simplicity and peace.


Available in 4 designs:

01. Berries + Bird 

02. Foliage (Sold Out)

03. Dandelions 

04. Plumes (Sold Out)



Each set contains:


8 sheets A5 Hand-designed print on recycled paper.

3 Envelopes with print liner.

Available in 4 different nature inspired designs. 

Each pack comes in a recycled glassine bag with branded belly band.

Botanical Letter Writing Set

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