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  • Linen Affirmation Pennant Wall Hanging


    An Organic Irish Linen Affirmation Pennant Wall Hanging embroidered with the choice of the following words to live by:


    i. 'everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear'

    iii. 'a life without dreams is like a garden without flowers'

    iv. 'when it rains look for rainbows when it’s dark look for stars'

    v. 'in the waves of change we find our direction'


    A lovely edition to a gallery wall, bringing texture onto a wall display creates warmth and depth in your home.  If my choice of words is not yours then I would be happy to personalised yours with your favourite affirmation or perhaps your word of the year. 


    This product holds a story, hiding in its seams and whispering from the folds. A field of flax in Ireland rustling in the breeze, the rhythmic clanking of the loom, the snip of sharp scissors, the humming of a sewing machine. trace each stitch back to hands, hands like mine and yours. x


    Made from:

    Sustainable Naural Linen with free machine embroidered lettering done on my trusty vintage sewing machine in sustainable black thread.



    22cm by 26cm and comes hanging on string.



      All of my products will be sent out to you 2nd Class recorded service with Royal Mail using eco recycled paper packaging.