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Summer Art Journal.png

summer  art  journal

A beautiful Summer Art Journal download to inspire you to create your own Summer journal pages.


You can sign up below and you will receive the worksheet in your inbox shortly. So many of us are experiencing a Summer unlike any other and I believe we all need a place to escape to. These journaling exercises have taken me back to such special places in my mind, to such happy times on holiday with my Mum, Grandma, and Brother.
I hope you will take some time over the coming weeks to revisit your Summer memories, perhaps use the prompts to write a few things down, gather photos from past holidays and create a little memory box or make a digital photo book.


If painting and drawing aren’t your bag, then why not try collage, cutting, and sticking to create an image. Art journaling can take a million different forms and it is just for you, a place to escape to, a place to capture, a place to express.  


Research suggests that learning a new skill stimulated the neurons in the brain, so why not pick up those art materials, paper, scissors, and glue and get those neurons dancing.

Send me the worksheet please... 

Your worksheet will be with you soon. xo