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I'm Abby


Helping you find your creative voice, guiding the way to your inner whisper, and seeing you share your unique light


I didn't set out to be an artist, my first love was dance.  The path of making unearthed me and led me to art college in my early twenties. Fast forward 25 years, you find me living by the sea on the East coast of England, making mixed media art in my vintage caravan, guiding other artists and makers on their journey, and teaching art journaling and mixed media art workshops to nature led heart-centered creative souls. 

We never know what might meet us around the corner of life, we can get derailed and set of course but by living our lives being true to who we are, listening to the inner whisper of our artistic dreams, and listening again a little bit harder we will find our light.


I hope I can help you find and follow yours. 

"Abby is an inspiration to work with, her wealth of knowledge blows me away and has opened up so many new avenues for me in my art practice. It feel such a gift to have found her and she has restarted my creative glow after many years of it being hidden."


My Values


my inner whisper

Once muffled now speaks clearly to my heart. 

my creative voice

Is still but vibrating, capturing moments in time. A tapestry of past and present, myths and tales, always rooted to the land. Working with mixed media, natural materials, found, re-purposed, painted, stitched reflecting being through my life’s lens.

my manifesto

Collect beautiful moments, commit to my practice, help others find their light, keep mine shining, follow my heart, live simply, slowly, and creatively, listen to the earth, watch the tide and the moon, plant seeds and water them with belief, live courageously, breathe in love, breathe out hope, grow like wildflowers in unexpected places.

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