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THE moonlit  flora COLLECTION

Captivated by the magic of The Cottingley Fairies photographs, the ephemeral nature of other worlds, folklore, and mythology this series of botanical watercolour and mixed media works on paper was born.


Each piece has been hand-painted, collaged, and stitched on beautiful 320gsm handmade paper with an imperfectly perfect deckled edge.


The watercolour washes found in each image harks back to the hand-colouring of monochrome photography of the late-19th century. And the black stitches reminiscent of the dance of marks created by the insects of the night.



A new collection of mixed media works on paper.

                     moonlit flora



a magical world awakes


           in a land which they create




        and behind the garden gate


     a secret space awaits




         the darkness once full of fright, 


  now blooms bright in moonlight




                                          inviting us, come and play


                                                 in a land, we cannot stay





                    witches and fairies know this place


                      they come and go without a trace




                                          to tell their tale and shine their light


                   on this bright and magical secret night.

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