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Embracing the Imbolc Pause: A Nature-Inspired Art Journaling Spread

In this new series of blog posts for twenty twenty-four, I am sharing pages from my nature journal. An art journal that I have been slowly building over the last year or so. Collecting and collating pages, illustrations, drawings, and words to create a space to honour the seasons, observe the natural world, and celebrate the festivals that offer us time to contemplate our relationship with Mother Nature.

EMERGE emerge



  1. move out of or away from something and become visible.

  2. become apparent or prominent.

The festival of Imbolc for me honors the delicate balance between winter's slumber and the awakening of spring. This art journaling spread, invites a place to capture the spirit of the festival, celebrating the pause and embracing the transformative energy that lies just beyond the horizon. It gives me time not only to connect with the ancient Wheel of the Year but also to weave my own story into the rich tapestry of nature's cycles. A journaling journey to reflect the beauty and delicacy of my nature finds and invites the promise of new beginnings.

As we find ourselves nestled in the quiet space between the winter solstice and the forthcoming burst of spring equinox, there lies a magical moment. This Celtic festival marks the halfway point between the darkest days of winter and the emergence of the warmer, brighter season. An opportunity to embrace the anticipation of renewal.

Materials Used:

1. Vintage dictionary pages

2. Pressed daffodils and primroses

3. Typewritten reminders

4. Stick glue & gel matt medium

5. Watercolor paints & coloured pencils

6. Paintbrushes

7. Ink Stamps & Ink

8. A handbound Journal made from various papers

Ideas to create your own Nature-Inspired Spread

Begin by selecting vintage dictionary pages that resonate with the themes of growth, nature, and transitions. Glue or gel matt medium these pages onto your journal spread, creating a textured and visually interesting background. Allow the pages to overlap, creating a collage effect that mirrors the interconnectedness of nature.

Pressed Flowers as Symbols of Renewal

Gently place pressed daffodils and primroses onto the vintage pages, arranging them in a way that feels harmonious. These flowers symbolize the awakening of nature and the promise of new beginnings. Pressed flowers add a tactile element to your spread, preserving the fleeting beauty of the season. If you are new to pressing flowers take a look at my guide HERE.

Hand-Typed Reminders

Using a typewriter or printer, create hand-typed reminders that encourage you to step outside and embrace the changing landscape. Phrases like "Welcome the Light," "Breathe in Renewal," or "Nature's Pause" can serve as gentle prompts to connect with the world outside your window.

Colour Wash and Personal Reflections

Add a light wash of tea or coffee over the pages to tie the elements together and infuse your spread with the hues of of early spring. As the paint dries, take a moment to reflect on the significance of Imbolc and what this pause means to you. Consider journaling your thoughts on the page, allowing the colors and textures to enhance your introspective experience.


Enhance the visual appeal of your art journaling spread by incorporating some nature finds, fabric scraps, and other elements. Consider framing the edges of the pages or creating borders that complement the colours of your pressed flowers and ephemera.


Seasonal Reflections

Consider the changing seasons and how they mirror the shifts in your own life. Create a spread that captures the essence of the current season and reflect on the lessons it brings.


Sacred Symbols Spread

Choose a symbol that holds personal significance or resonance for you. Create a spread around this symbol, exploring its deeper meanings and connections to your experiences.


Embracing the Light

Explore the theme of change and transition in your art journal. Consider using pressed nature finds, vintage illustrations, or other ephemera that signify transformation for you. Reflect on how you navigate and embrace change in your life.

Wishing you a February filled with inspiration and growth!

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