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Explore Your Seaside Memories and Gardening Moments

Welcome to an immersive art journaling experience to capture the essence of your SEASIDE MEMORIES and GARDENING MOMENTS.

Delve into the world of mixed media, collage, vintage photos, and printables to create a bespoke hand-crafted art journal that will become a treasure trove of your personal stories.

Join me in my studio as we embark on a journey to bring your memories and dreams to life.

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In this class, we will create a mixed media gardeners journal, perfect for capturing your garden plans, planting schedule, and so much more. Alternatively, you can fill it with dreams, memories, and garden-inspired words and poetry. The choice is yours! We will learn the art of making journals from household paper waste, giving new life to discarded materials.


Here's what we will cover:

  1. Journal Creation: Discover the art of repurposing household paper waste and transforming it into a beautiful journal, ready to be filled with your creative expressions.

  2. Unique Cover Design: Learn how to layer mixed media techniques to craft a one-of-a-kind cover. We will incorporate pressed plants and other natural elements to infuse your journal with a touch of nature's beauty.

  3. Vintage-style Seed Packets and Pockets: Unleash your creativity as we create charming vintage-style seed packets and pockets within your journal. These will serve as delightful spaces to tuck away treasures, notes, and ephemera.

  4. Creative Use of my 'Garden Journal' Printables: Explore various innovative ways to incorporate the 'Garden Journal' printables, adding depth and visual interest to your pages.


Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of capturing summer memories in this mixed-media journal. From photographs and sketches to seascape paintings and pressed seaweeds, this journal will become a tangible reminder of the seaside days that have touched your heart. Join me as we embark on this creative journey:

  1. Journal Creation: Expand your repertoire of journal-making techniques as we explore different types of paper and fabric to construct a unique journal that perfectly complements your seaside memories.

  2. Flotsam and Jetsam Cover Design: Layering mixed media, we will craft a cover that incorporates flotsam and jetsam, capturing the essence of the seaside. Every time you hold your journal, you will be transported back to those blissful moments.

  3. Vintage-style Spine: Learn how to create a vintage-style spine for your journal, adding an elegant touch and lending a sense of importance to your captured memories.

  4. Envelope Pockets: Delve into the art of creating envelope pockets within your journal. These pockets will serve as delightful repositories for gathering seaside treasures and souvenirs.

  5. Unleashing Creativity with 'Summer Journal' Printables: Discover innovative ways to incorporate the 'Summer Journal' printables into your artistic endeavors, creating visually stunning pages that evoke the spirit of summer.

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Enroll now and unlock the beauty of your seaside memories and gardening moments through the art of journaling.

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