Seeds into Trees


My creativity brought light into my darkness, hope into the bleakest of days

and energy back into my soul.

I can always find my practice and go there – just like home.

I know the power that creativity can have in your life

– whether it’s a regular practice or a place of escape.

My mission is to bring that power to you.

I want to inspire and help you cultivate the long-dormant seeds of creativity

into flourishing gardens, trees with strong roots, greenhouses bursting with fruit.


There is joy to be had in life that can only be unlocked through exploring our creative soul.


As children, we always had pens and pencils; we doodled; we played. Free of judgment, of expectation, of constraints.


But we begin to learn from a young age – and it’s reinforced through our education – to work with words. To express ourselves only in words.


To use words as a vehicle for a visual experience.


So, our visual experience is ignored, even extinguished, pushed out of us.


We lose the ability to see in an effort to describe.


I want to help you to see things differently.

To slow down and notice the impossible complexity of a spider's web across your window in winter. The play of shadows along the garden fence in the early Spring sun. The quiet observation of the feathers of a sparrow sat on the fence.


This is creativity.

Seeing. Observing. Noticing.


      There are only so many words

                                     and infinite things to see.


I want to help you find that joy again.

Unlock it.

Use it for whatever means you need.


Whether that’s as a way to escape, a route to relaxation, your regular practice or a way to make a living.

“Creativity is contagious.

Pass it on.”

                                                                                   ~ Einstein


The day you plant the seeds

is not the day you eat the fruit,

you’ve got to keep going to keep growing.

                                              ~ Fabienne Fredrickson

My mission to pass on my creativity emerged from the soil and like wildflowers, through my own creative practice, I have grown in all of the places I never imagined.


My roots are strong and established,

nurtured and cultivated.


I am a very curious soul and love nothing more than falling down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, discovering new possibilities, theories, and aesthetics.


I am here to help you grow your own tree and begin to bear beautiful fruit and flowers.


let's work


Whether you are a sapling, with flexible trunks, open to ideas, but not quite ready to produce fruit or flowers; a mature tree, who is ready for a new life cycle, or you haven’t quite peaked in productivity; or a seedling just emerging from the ground, showing your first offering to the world; or perhaps you’re still germinating, looking for the right soil, wondering where you will plant.

You’re  in  the  right  place………

Here’s  how  we  can  work  together 

Sow Your Seeds

sixty minute

creative pep talk

Water, Feed + Grow

three months

one to one mentoring  

Prune, Blossom + Fruit

six months

one to one mentoring


  • Look at what weeds are growing and blocking the light – diagnosing your creative blockers

  • Sweep aside the fallen leaves, allowing their energy to be passed into your roots – uncovering and getting rid of the stories you’ve been told about creativity – ‘I’m not creative,’ ‘you can’t draw,’ ‘creativity isn’t for people like me’

  • Look at what’s wilting and tend to it little by little to allow it to grow and bloom - decipher what you want to focus on and how you can nurture it day-to-day

  • Put down the stepping-stones – develop a plan to keep your creative practice going as part of your life, one step at a time

What  this looks like:


  • One-hour call with me over Skype

  • Booked through my website

  • A synopsis of our discussion, with advice and actions to help you put our session into practice

  • An investment of £150 

Together, we will:

Abby helped get me creatively unstuck. She walked me through some exercises to give me the foundations I needed to start being creative - something I have never thought came naturally to me. Now I have the tools and the know-how that I can apply that to my emails, website, and images. Weeks later I’m still creating images I’m proud of because of the foundations Abby helped me get right. 

Jo Hooper


water feed and grow |  prune, blossom and fruit







Together, we will:

  • Start with a one-hour creative pep talk to set out what you want our time together to focus on

  • Create a planting and growth plan – a plan to achieve your creative goal. Whether that is developing your creative practice; exploring your artistic potential, or looking at how to bring more creativity into your business or life

  • Find your roots - I will lead you to books, artists, creators, collections, places, historic references – all designed to help you understand and connect to the root of your creative interest

  • Begin to germinate - uncovering the why behind your creative interest and start to think about how to bring that to life

  • Fertilise the soil – looking at the right questions, in the right order to explore ideas deeply and surface what they could become

  • Establish your roots – understand your values and how to communicate those values through creativity   

  • Get the soil under your nails – weaving your creativity into the fabric of your being

  • Enjoy the ebb and flow of the seasons – learning how to build creativity into your everyday life in a way that nourishes you



Tread this path at a pace that’s right for you.

Enjoy the rabbit holes, the meandering, the discovery of the journey, or motor along.


We can either take three or six months and will figure out

the timeline that works for you on a discovery call.

For three months, your investment is:

£950 in one payment or three installments of £325;

for six months, it is £1,800 in one payment or six installments of £325.



This includes:

  • Fortnightly one-hour mentoring calls

  • Follow up after each of these with recording, notes, and action list

  • A weekly email check-in from me

  • Regular resources, help and worksheets

  • Accountability and guidance throughout


What is a discovery call

The purpose of our chat is for you to experience what it will be like to mentor you and for me to find out if I can help you achieve your creative goals


£25.00 booking fee redeemable against either 3 months of 6 months mentoring packages booked within 30 days of the call. 





If you decide after our 1-hour chat that you would like to invest in

the 3-month program I will refund the pep talk fee from the final amount.


I am currently taking bookings for March onwards! 



Yes, after my first degree in Fine Art I studied a PGCE in Post Compulsory education and have been teaching Art & Design for the last two decades.



I offer a payment plan to help you spread the cost and if you are thinking is now the right time then think about where you would like to be in your creative practice at the end of our time together. Having a goal that you really want to achieve will help you know whether this is the right decision for you. 


If you have any other questions or worries, please feel free to email me.

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