reap what you sow    


Cultivate your craft. Water it daily, pour some tender loving care into it, and watch it grow. Remember that a plant doesn’t sprout immediately. Be patient, and know that in life you will reap what you sow.

In this self-paced Art Journaling class I will introduce you to the practice of art journaling and guide you through the making and creating of handbound sketchbook.



Among lots of other inspiring things you will:


  • Create layered pages with paper and fabric and mixed media

  • Collage with recycled and vintage papers and ephemera

  • Use cut-out words, imagery and journaling techniques

  • Create a beautiful cover for your finished journal

  • Hide secrets and add mystery with flaps, pockets etc

  • Bind your books by learning simple bookbinding stitching

  • Add beautiful finishing touches and embellishments

  • Learn mark making, collage and embellishment techniques

  • Uncover techniques in how to use foraged and recycled materials

  • Discover how to gather inspiration and ideas for journaling prompts



What you can expect…


Learn how to hand make a paper journal,

learn stamping techniques,

collage and embellishment

with foraged and recycled materials.


During these classes I will be demonstrating simple book-binding techniques,  how to make your own stamps, printing techniques, paper crafting ideas,  how to gather inspiration and ideas for journaling prompts, and making it a part of your life.

What to do with those collected feathers,

bark, mosses, and flowers found on naure walks.



Among other things we will be:


Exploring painting, printmaking, markmaking, lettering, collage and mixed media.


And then bring it all together by


  • Creating layered pages with beautiful handmade papers

  • Use and honour left-over materials from packaging and household waste

  • Explore lettering with cut out words, quotes, and affirmations

  • Create beautiful covers for our handbound sketchbooks

  • Hide secrets and add mystery with flaps, pockets, etc.

  • Bind our books with simple stitching... or no stitching at all!

  • Add beautiful finishing touches and embellishments with foraged and found nature

  • Be inspired to embellish your papers with stitching, found objects, paint, and so much more

This course will enable you to gain confidence in a variety of artistic practices and be inspired to go on to create more journals for yourself and for beautiful thoughtful handmade gifts.

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*Self-Paced Class with Lifetime Access*

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“in order to bloom, you must first grow"

Join me and like-minded folk on a journey of exploration, learning and discovery

Class Overview

Module One – Getting Started with Art Journaling 


Lesson One - Setting Up Your Space & Gathering Your Materials


Lesson Two – Making a Journal – Basic Bookbinding


Lesson Three – Creating Handmade Papers



Module Two - Exploring Media 


Lesson Four – exploring {painting}


Lesson Five – exploring {printmaking}


Lesson Six – exploring {mark making/drawing}


Lesson Seven – exploring {lettering}


Lesson Eight – exploring {collage}


Lesson Nine – exploring {mixed media}



Module Three – Bringing it all together

Lesson Ten – Creating a mixed media spread


Lesson Eleven – Finding your style


Lesson Twelve – Continuing your Art Journaling Practice







  • Video tutorials from my studio 

  • Step by step instructions to make your own journals, creating unique collage papers

  • 6 Lessons exploring a variety of art mediums and techniques

  • Inspiration and tuition in creating a mixed-media spread, finding your own style, and continuing your journaling practice. 

  • Journaling prompts, creative tips & starting points to overcome the fear of the blank page, where to find inspiration for making art and journaling, and getting creative with your own beautifully imperfect handwriting!

  • PLUS PLENTY of extra resources, downloadable PDFs etc. to inspire you even more!

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