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my art practice


My work is rooted within my topographical location on the Suffolk coast. The physical and hauntological landscape is entwined with spectral myths and folklore. Time and space are compressed, waiting to be unlocked via a visual spell.

The materials I use in my work are assembled by the process of fieldworks; directly photographing, drawing, and capturing sound and video, weaving together and archiving the collected relics with thread and stitch.

My work is personal and introspective, exploring my own experiences of mid-life and ageing. I connect these questions with the issues of climate change, environmentalism, and the future of the planet. My work often combines mythological representations of the female, employing Mother Nature as a metaphor for the female life cycle and the unbalanced relationship between masculine and feminine, mankind and the earth.

I see my finds as relics of the sacred to discover hidden narratives. The materials I use, such as synthetic and organic debris found in the wrack zone, vintage textiles, and thread, are symbolic of the passage of time and the accumulation of memories. It is this mystic playground with unfolding realities and possibilities that come to life within my studio practice.


I trained at the University of the Creative Arts in Kent with a period taken at the Maastricht Institute of Art in the Netherlands, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2000. I went on to complete an MA in Textiles in 2008 at Chelsea College of Art, London. I now work from my home studio on the Suffolk coast. 


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'Fragments' A Mixed Media Artwork by Abby Monroe
'Wandering' Mixed Media Artwork by Abby Monroe



photography & film

with my
Stories from the Studio

Sent weekly at four points of the moon cycle my studio stories are for anyone who is passionate about art, nature, and living a life that is true to their heart. 


In each issue, I share stories, inspiration, and resources to help you live a more creative, fulfilling, and connected life. On the New Moon, Waxing Half Moon, Full Moon & Waning Half Moon, we will explore the intersection of art and nature, and how they can both inspire and heal us.

I look forward to writing to you soon. xo

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