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art journaling zine

A beautiful companion full

of creative guidance, support, and inspiration to help pave the way in your art journaling practice.


Are you tired of hitting creative roadblocks?

Say goodbye to those moments of frustration and hello to endless inspiration.

Never feel stuck for ideas again. Inspiration for every page of your Art Journal actice.

Ten Issues to Collect!

Inside each issue you will find:

  • Creative Themes: Explore new territories with each A5 issue, diving deep into captivating themes that ignite your imagination.

  • Artist Spotlights: Discover the masters and movements shaping the art world, sparking new perspectives and ideas for your own work.

  • Curated Colour Palettes: Curated colour schemes to guide your artistic choices 

  • Nature Photography: Immerse yourself in captivating visuals that fuel your creative process and transport you to new realms of inspiration.

  • Motivating Prompts: Break free from creative blocks with thoughtfully crafted prompts designed to ignite your passion and keep your ideas flowing.

  • Handpicked Resources: Access a treasure trove of curated tools, references, and materials to enrich your artistic practice and fuel your growth.

  • Printable Artist Quotes: Surround yourself with wisdom and encouragement from renowned artists, cut out or photocopy and add to your journal.

  • Art Journaling Adventures: Embark on exciting journeys of exploration and experimentation with  prompts that push the boundaries of your creativity.

  • Exclusive Printables: From intricate patterns to charming illustrations, unlock a world of printable assets to enhance your projects and make them uniquely yours.

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Bewitching BLOOMS.jpg

Your Ultimate Companion:

Consider this your mixed media artist's vade mecum—an indispensable companion that galvanizes your ideas, saving you precious time and energy spent on brainstorming. Let my prompts and inspiration enrich your creative practice, making every moment fulfilling and rewarding.


Collect Them All:

With ten captivating issues waiting to be collected, .from Movement to Line to Words your journey of artistic exploration knows no bounds. Each issue is printed in small batches on beautiful natural unbleached recycled paper, ensuring minimal waste, and maximum impact on your creative journey.


Artist Date:

Each issue comes with an accompanying video—an artist date with me in my studio where we delve into the theme together, exploring new dimensions in my personal art journal.

Are you ready to unlock your creative potential and embark on a journey of artistic discovery?


Order your zine today and let the inspiration flow!

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